Sunday, 1 July 2012

Go to Recipe: Vanilla Cupcakes

Two years ago, my then 21year old son said ' Mum, do you fancy coming to New York with me for a long weekend?'  I didn't hesitate to say yes! Once my daughter heard of this it wasn't long before it was a trip for three to New York City.  My son has a reputation as a very healthy eater but one of his friends said that if he was going to New York he had to treat himself to a cupcake from the Magnolia Bakery in Bleeker Street. Always happy to try any baked goods I looked forward to visiting the bakery. 

I loved it from the minute I walked in the door as it has such a great atmosphere which is heavy with the smell of delicious cake and cookies. We had a hard time deciding what not to buy! We got a selection of treats that included peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, red velvet cupcakes and coconut cake. I also bought the Magnolia Bakery book 'More from Magnolia' so I could re-create these amazing confections. 
 You need to understand that before I became interested in cake decorating it was all about the cake itself. I wanted to make the best cake (or cookie, or brownie, etc.) I could. The magnolia vanilla cupcake recipe produced a cake of perfection! It's a simple recipe and the cake is light with a good even texture - every time. I've experimented with different varieties of vanilla; using vanilla paste, vanilla pods, clear Mexican vanilla (a reputable brand with a lovely caramelly flavour) and of Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract, I have added sprinkles and chocolate chips and used a variety of frosting and decorations and the cupcake is always perfect. I have made so many cakes from one good recipe.

For Easter with pastel M&M's

For a birthday cupcake - the decoration was made with melted chocolate. I was experimenting with shapes.

Fourth of July

For a little girl's christening

I bought the set of cupcake liners and toppers in New York.

I made the pink flowers with sugar paste and I used a mix of pink and white butter cream in the piping bag.

The vanilla cupcake is the perfect cake for any occasion and these ones were to celebrate my dog nephew Tigger coming to Buckingham  Palace. You can read all about him on

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  1. Love it!! I had no idea you'd made so many!!! *rushes off to start baking*